Monday, June 17, 2019

Wesfamers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Wesfamers - Essay ExampleIt provides an in-depth knowledge regarding an entity or an issue or an aftermath to the individuals, which helps them to build conception regarding the same. A company listed under stock exchange has to provide study to its stakeholders so as to keep them updated regarding the performance. This company has to maintain unravel of information to its stakeholders as they have to comply with the rules and regulations that atomic number 18 formulated by the higher authorities of stock exchange (Westbrook 7). This information is a medium of parley of the stakeholders with the company. This helps in changing the view point of the stakeholders towards the company. Here, stakeholders refer to customers, employees, shareholders, media, investment community and the bankers. For the companies, which are registered under stock exchanges, information is described as the disclosure as it has direct or indirect impact on its stock price. Information has many forms from announcements to accounting numbers, which depicts achievements of the company, its descriptive activities and different corporate functions that are essential for its operation (Westbrook 7).Communication theory was first established by the famous Greek Philosophers Aristotle and Plato. They had discovered three components as the art of disclosure such as grammar, logical system and rhetoric. In the context of corporate communication, rhetoric aims at establishing a relationship between the information that are shared by the company and the way they are communicated to the general public. Presently, the information age had influenced the traditional media and it is challenged by the online source of information. The stock exchanges release data and information regarding company stock performance, which comply with the rules and regulations (Westbrook 7-9) in their website. This information assists the stakeholders to make appropriate decisions regarding any investment. The stakeh olders belong to two

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