Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Management of Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Management of Change - Essay ExampleHowever, several environmental changes such as global climate change and demographic changes pose greater risks to the effectiveness of Victoria State Emergency Service. There is an change magnitude shortage of volunteers. Increased demand for work, increasing costs of labor and diversification of the emergency management services. Victoria State Emergency Service will have to undergo change in lodge to attain comprehensive, coordinated and integrated emergency management capabilities. The agency must use innovative, professional and progressive approach to emergency management by ensuring gritty preparedness and excellent disaster mitigation services especially in the response and recovery cycle. The critical factors that have triggered change at the agency imply the external environment that requires a change in the mission, leadership, operational strategies and culture of the emergency management agency. The current scenario at the organiz ation has the likelihood of causing a decline in overall performance, poor emergency services and conflict in the organization. Burke-Litwin Model of organizational performance and change can be utilise in diagnosing the need for change and making essential recommendations for the change at Victoria State Emergency Service. The model contains 12 organizational dimensions that gear up how the performance of an organization is influence by the external and internal factors. The 12 dimensions include the external environment, mission and strategy, leadership, organizational culture, structure, systems, management practices, work unit climate, tasks and individualistic skills, individuals needs and values, motivation and finally individual and overall organizational performance (Burke, 2008). Some external drivers of change in the external environment include the changes in demography, technological changes, economic changes and climate change. Apart from the vision,

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