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Marketing Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Marketing Communication - Essay ExampleThe four departments are aerospace, electronic systems, technical systems and information systems. The aerospace department creates revenue of approximately $ 10 billion annually and it has a workforce of about 23000 employees who are highly skilled individuals in their areas of expertise (Northrop, 2012). The department is a major supplier of American manned and unmanned defense aircrafts, space systems and technological knowhow in the security sector involving aviation.Examples of air defense mechanism created by the ac phoner involve the global hawk aircrafts and the F-35 lighting 11 jets. The electronic systems department is responsible for the provision of advanced electronic system for commercial and civil use, and forces defense. The company has the ability to supply highly innovative and complex electronic defense machineries in marine systems, airspace management, navigation, and precision and communication systems. The company ali ke provides electronic logistical support to brass institutions and commercial organizations. ... department provides services in the modernization of existing military, communication and civil infrastructure to various government agencies, civil organizations and federal agencies. The company has competitors who are equally innovative and financially superior. Its major competitors are General Dynamics Cooperation, Lockheed Martin Cooperation and the Boeing Company. Compared to its three major competitors, Northrop Grumman is performing poorly, both(prenominal) in terms of its share value and revenue generating capabilities (Nasdaq, 2012). For example, the net income of Boeing Company as of June 2012 amounted to $ 4.35 billion, as compared to Northrop which stood at $ 2.10 billion, a difference of $ 2.25 billion. General Dynamics do $ 2.5 billion while Lockheed Martin made $ 2.78 billion. These figures are higher than the profitability of Northrop Grumman.In terms of their share prices, Northrop Grumman performs dismally (Nasdaq, 2012). The current value of Northrop Grumman share price stands at $ 59.3 this is out-of-the-way(prenominal) below the share price of Boeing which currently trades at $ 72.58, a difference of $13.28. The share prices of its two other competitors are higher with Lockheed Martin share price vocation at $ 83.37 and that of general dynamics trading at $ 64.13 (Nasdaq, 2012). The share values are an indicator of how well the company is perceived by the society and of its scotch performance. The low share price of Northrop as compared to its competitors is an indication that the company economic performance is far below that of its competitors. There are various opportunities presentable to the company for expansion of its services and profitability. The present war on terror presents the company with an opportunity to develop high technology weapons that can be used to

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