Thursday, June 13, 2019

Other topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Other topic - Essay ExampleThere are a small number of qualitative exploreers who allow for argue against this objectivity theory. Many academic disciplines contain qualitative research including sociology, psychology, anthropology and biology. Some disciplines had sulk behind in using qualitative research much(prenominal) disciplines are psychology and education but have been accepted recently as a genuine research manner (Leedy & Ormrod 2013). A qualitative landing field can helps define what is important a good example being the field of medicine.I learnt something new from this chapter. I came to understand that during the initial stage of conducting a research scientist Look at the nature of the research problem and planning in qualitative research developing general research problems and only require general questions about the problem in study. However, as the study continues it provides more understanding of the phenomena under study and makes it easy to ask more specif ic questions (Leedy & Ormrod 2013). The obstruction of finding out what methods will be used in the study is brought by the use of open ended questions at the start of an investigation. This means that a qualitative researcher should select general approach suitable for their purpose. Here the methodology may continue to evolve over the course of the study, despite this agitate considerable preparation and planning is required. A qualitative researcher must be well trained in interview strategies, observation techniques and any other data collection methods. Qualitative research is not the best approach if you are looking to collect quick results and simple answers because it is time consuming.I as well learnt that when choosing the method of study to be used is quantitative or qualitative depending on the nature of the data to be collected. I also leant depending on the method chosen, one can decide on the most appropriate method of analyzing and evaluating data to get the best results. After studying the five potential research projects

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