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Choose one from the essay4 topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Choose one from the essay4 topic - Essay ExampleMcKeon sounds a bit more virtual(a) since he informs us about how the separation of the household from the business enterprise has left a substantial impact in the materialization of the capitalism and the modern culture. It was, however, Bordos notion of male-body that I found most interesting. Bordo focuses upon the cultural and psychological understanding of the male body in the post-modern world. Her writing also provides a right-hand(a) deal of argument on the gender issues related to body exposure in a variety of media. Though the issues discussed by McKeon and Bordo are not at one time relevant to the pedagogical issues, yet we can derive a theory of education out of what they have presented in their works.My concept of education before rendition the three authors was somewhat different. The study I believed that education was all about teaching and learning and that a teacher had to play pivotal role in the pedagogical proc ess. The notion of education cannot be limited to courtly education. Students spend more time at home or at other places than in schools. Their learning is a continuing process, which involves a variety of factors. A childs education starts from the lap of her/his mother and then the exposure to society, peers, media, and a flesh of other factors directly or indirectly teach the child how to live, behave, interact, and handle problems. I also believed that a student-centered and activity-based education is better than the teacher-based education which involves extensive lecturing.I believed that a teacher must follow reflective teaching which involves creativity, experimentation and melioration of the pedagogical process through flexibility and acceptance of new formal/informal methods of teaching. The most important thing, in my opinion, was joy of learning. An ideal teacher should strive hard to teach in an interactive manner and make the students adore while learning new conce pts.The authors we read during the course have

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