Monday, May 6, 2019

Types of Inflation, Causes and how Inflation is Measured Essay

Types of Inflation, Causes and how Inflation is Measured - Essay ExampleIt is important to keep an eye on that, the high demand testament in turn pull up expenditures of commodities thus closureing to too overmuch money circulating in an economy. This can be attributed in times of war, or rather political crisis in a countrys economy. Pricing Power Inflation This also referred to as profit-push puffiness. This is a type of inflation, which result from a situation whereby, individuals in business intentionally and administratively decide to increase the prices of commodities and go. This intentional terminate aims at increasing the profit metes. The makers exercise their market influence by increasing the prices of product and services to suit their expectations. It occurs in monopolies and oligopolies market. They do this due to their concentration in the market. Cost- Push Inflation This occurs when the price of goods or service increase due to the rising cost of its produ ction or when the maintenance cost rises. It is seeming(a) that the resultant excess demand created by the rising cost of production causes prices to increase. An example is whereby price of an unpolished product such as maize rises due to an increase in the cost of fertilizer production. Wage-push inflation This normally occurs when wages or labor costs rises due the influence from the labor unions demand for the increase in wages. In addition, as it happens, the productiveness remains constant. The resultant cost and raise will drift to the consumers. The increase in the cost of labor will cause the business to sawn-off down the number of laborers hence consequently resulting to the low productivity. On the other hand, the fall in productivity level, which is low supply, will cause prices to rise due to the constant consistency of the demand. This inflation causes unemployment since higher price level means that, no more laborers ar needed. In this scenario, most institutions lay off more or less of the employees. Unless demand for the wage stops, there will be continuous, high price level coupled with higher unemployment and low output. Sectoral Inflation This kind of inflation occurs on the relationship amidst related or misrelated product and or services. This occurs when change in the price of a product influences the price of another. For example, a stationery user, a case, or a situation whereby the price of timber price rises, the stationery dealer will in turn increase the price of stationery items such as books to suit their profit margin thus causing a general increase in prices occurring in every unit of product or service. Supply shock inflation This arises under unorthodox circumstances in an economy, for example, when there is unpredictable drought occurrence, the price of the agricultural products will rise rapidly and especially when there is no passable stock to curb and fix the situation. Hyper inflation It is a form of inflation that occurs when country involved is in economic backdrop thus in dire need of monetary valuables and funding. It is where prices rise at a higher rate, and when the rate of inflation exceeds four digits. Creeping inflation It occurs where price level rises normally between 1 and 7%. Imported inflation It deals with international trade. The prices of imported goods normally have an effect in domestic prices. Causes of inflation It is worth noting that inflation occurs under various circumstances for instance when there are changes in the price of foreign goods. This will have an impact on the overall payment do to the outsiders.

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