Thursday, May 9, 2019

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Questions - Essay ExampleSome of these which the Company could possibly use argon (a) CPBI payoff Productive Behavior Index a tool for assessing candidate honesty and integrity (b) SELECT harmonise System a tool that gauges a candidates attitude towards honesty, integrity, dependability and honesty as well as the potential for aggressive behavior and (c) First View job fir indicator, which is a personality and cognitive screening tool ( My Company currently makes its hiring selections on the basis of online applications, which are past screened using background checks on identity, education and work history. afterwards this initial process of screening, the Company whence selects a list of potential candidates for the interview process, which is the basis for an offer of employment. However, I feel that this process should be refined and the candidates should be made to take additional personality and integrity tests like the ones identified above, so that a good assessment can be made about how likely they are to be employees of integrity and honesty. The nature of current background checks are very preliminary and whitethorn not be adequate to identify potentially defrauding employees who could be a liability to the Company.3. The reason for the sparse use of tutelage reimbursement plans is the fact that in most organizations, tuition reimbursement plans are just bundled in with other administrative cost and no one is really responsible for them. Moreover, in most cases, the kind of degrees available under such plans are degrees at community colleges, with those who avail of it being disappointed when their Companies do not immediately issue their new degrees in the form of promotions, etc. As a result, they are not frequently used.4. After working as a team member, being promoted as Manager is hard because the team members are not used to viewing their peer in a superior capacity and therefore it may be difficult for the new Commander to

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