Friday, May 24, 2019

Ethics in Practice Case: Is There a Market for a Sustainable Hamburger? Essay

Coperate Citizenship Social Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Performance Ethics in Practice Case Is There a Market for a sustainable Hamburger? 1)Is the world rig for a soci ein truthy responsible hamburger? Yes, I believe the world or at least the United States is ready for a socially responsible hamburger chain such as Bugerville. Any company that can be socially responsible but nevertheless produce a good product should be an example for other subscriber line not doing the same.How much would I be willing to pay expect the burgers really taste good? I guess the amount I would be willing to pay would be somewhere market average or preceding(prenominal) just because they are socially responsible by buying local meat with no additives and powering their business with local treadmill power versus McDonalds who has not taken the extra step to improve on their social responsibility. 2)What tensions among its economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities do you th ink are most pressing to Burgerville?Out of all the issues I believe Burgerville would have economic responsibility pressing them the most considering the prices might be a bit higher than others just because the go above and beyond the legal, ethical, philanthropic responsibilities. I do not believe this would be a pressing issue to the point of any major concern. 3)Does Burgerville sound deal a business that might work in Oregon and Washington, but maybe not elsewhere?No, I believe it could be a business that would work and do well in several other places in the United States. It may not be able to use wind power in every state for instance, but they could make substations like solar panels instead, given the various resources and locations. What is the future of Burgerville? I personally believe the future of Burgerville is very bright because we as a society are holding businesses to higher standards and considering their socially responsible and a good company to work for they should expand rapidly.

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