Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Human Resourse Management :: Personnel Management

Human Resourse ManagementThere are many different ways to train someone for a new job. You mountain use any of the following methods hands on, computer simulation, apprenticeship, and teletraining. From hands on training on the production line, to a series of written tests, we use a variety of training techniques at Taco Bell. Upon being hired at Taco Bell, you are given a series of menu item sheets which reheel all 37 menu items, and the ingredients that makes up each one. It is imperitive that they study these sheets before coming to work for the first time for they will be tested.The first daylight on the job at Taco Bell is jam packed with information. The moment a trainee punches in, he is taken on a tour of the warehousing that lasts almost an hour. The manager in charge (MIC) walks with the trainee pointing out various things including the dish area, the victuals prep area, the food storage areas, and the production line. The trainee is shown how to cook food, an d how to get it secure to be used on line. After the tour the trainee is placed in the stuffing position on line. Let me take a minute to justify how the line is set up. One person, the steamer, begins the production of the food by grabbing the shell, and placing all the necessary hot items into the product. He accordingly passes this to the stuffer, who puts in all the cold ingredients, and then passes it to the wrapper. The wrapper does just that, he wraps the food, and then takes it out to the customer. A trainee is placed in the stuffing position with two experienced crew members on every side. This way someone can always be there if the employee cant remember all the ingredients for a particular menu item.If business picks up when a new employee is on line, they are asked to step back and let the more experienced employees, or aces, handle the situation. This way, the trainee can watch as the food is being made and can learn from the way the aces do it. This goes on for the first week of employment. The new employee spends most of his time stuffing. The only times they are permitted to leave the line is when more food needs to be prepared.

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