Friday, May 17, 2019

Financial Compensations for Olympic Medalists

Since time immemorial winning an Olympic medal was comprehend as the pinnacle of the attainments of any athletes career. In our times it has become a commonplace for those winning to come across monetary rewards and life-long forms of compensation for their endeavors. However,these practices have been at the forefront of numerous debates as they are considered to be undermining the square Olympic spirit.Many embrace the idea of financial incentives. One source for this is the fact that Olympic athletes devote their lives to their frisk in hopes of being the best in the world. No matter how talented or driven an athlete,however,they mustiness train for many another(prenominal) hours day to day to perfect their skills and be in a phenomenal somatic shape,consequently they neglect other fundamental aspects of their ordinary lives.Furthermore,those who aspire to acquire an Olympic medal have a multitude of running living and sport related expenses without having a steady income f rom their profession. What is more,some people share the view that financial rewards significantly impact their motivation to reach the Olympic podium. On the other hand,there are those who agree to such compensations. They claim that athletes should compete for pride and desire for glory and prestige a medal leave bring to their nation.Additionally since the elimination of amateurism in the Olympic Games,athletes are often funded to train through corporate sponsors and warranty deals,hence,they receive considerable sums of money and in return the company receives publicity. It is often seen even whole teams competing duration wearing a companys logo in exchange for financial support,closely resembling and employer-employee relationship. Last but not least(prenominal) they point out some unfortunate events that most us have witnessed,the use of performance enhancing drugs.Having seen many Olympic medalists being stripped of their medals after doping scandal outbreak they belie ve that monetary rewards undermine the genius of Olympic Games which ought to be governed by fair play,ethics and morality. By and large,it seems that people have a good reason to be dismissive of the notion of athletes receiving financial aid by their governments since it is obvious that it poses motive for malpractice for some. On a personal level I feel that we should enliven the original Olympic spirit and let the rewards be symbolic and not materialistic.

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