Thursday, May 2, 2019

Suggested specific researchable PhD topics Essay

Suggested specific researchable PhD topics - Essay Example5. The influence of Islam on global English Islam is the worlds most prevalent religion and thus has greatly influenced a myriad of world cultures and languages, how specifically has English, particularly global English, been influenced?7. Arabic in certain parts of the Middle East can be assimilated to Latin in the United States or other English speaking parts of the world What influence does Arabic have in non Arabic speaking Middle Eastern countries?8. The history semiotics in Arabic as compared to that of the English language. English has evolved over time as a compilation of many languages as well as semiotic influence. How does this compare to that of Arabics history? How the differences in the languages would necessitate dissimilar interpretations of the same sign, with respect to semiotics.12. The threat of global English being a hold over from face cloth colonization in other countries and how it adds to a Euro-cen tric, white normalized ideal of the norm. Is the spread of English as a global language contributing to the overall white, Euro-centric ideology of global normalization?14. Alphabet and written material systems of Middle Eastern language and the English language, specifically as integrated in the Middle East. An employment of this is signs displayed in the Middle East which may show both an Arabic and an English description of

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