Thursday, October 31, 2019

Mathematics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Mathematics - Essay Example An example of where it is important to understand integers in the financial world is with banking (Glydon). If someone spends more than they have available in their bank account then their balance will be negative. Also, it is important to understand integers in geography because of the different points either above or below sea level (Glydon). 3. The reason why many students find fractions difficult is because fractions are usually never taught to be looked at visually (Miller). Many teachers like to explain all the different rules of fractions, which can be very confusing. A simple way to learn fractions is to remember that the numerator always goes over the denominator. The denominator indicates how many pieces make up the whole, while the numerator refers to how many of all those pieces we are talking about (Akers). 4. Someone who worked at a pizza company would need to be able to add mixed numbers because a pizza can be cut up into different fractions (â€Å"Mixed Fractions†). Someone who worked in the Human Resources department would also need to use mixed fractions because they would need to calculate employees’ wages based on an hourly rate and they number of hours worked. Finally, taxi drivers would need to use mixed numbers because they would need to work out how many kilometers a trip is so they could charge their passenger the correct

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