Saturday, October 5, 2019

Crisis Prevention and Intervention in Healthcare Essay - 1

Crisis Prevention and Intervention in Healthcare - Essay Example   The healthcare administration together with the employees engages in a safety plan. The plan involves appointing teams of healthcare workers, employers, committees and representatives of the safety plans. The healthcare professionals who are experts in crisis management should be involved. The representation should be fair in terms of department and shifts. Tasks should be allocated to the different stakeholders who may include: employer’s representative, healthcare professionals, security representatives, and administrators. Healthcare professionals able to deal with head injury, substance abuse, psychiatry, and dementia should be advised to assist in case there is the need. A working structure and applicable policies can be designed. The policies should represent diverse needs of the departments and provide procedures to be used in case of crisis. The safety plan should take into consideration the physical, psychological and emotional safety and health of the healthcare professionals. A balance between the safety and health needs of the healthcare professional, patient or visitor should be recommended. Representatives, experts, committees, and teams have given tasks or responsibility should inquire and understand their responsibility. After getting understanding, they can be authorized and be given resources that will enable them to provide administration and support. Representatives, experts, committees, and teams should demonstrate accountability. In the case of assault and crisis, the involved parties can be given counseling and treatment. Those who have undergone assault can share their experience. All the stakeholders can give their support in the enactment of the recommended policies. The healthcare professionals ought to be committed to comply with the policies and give feedback.  

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