Sunday, October 6, 2019

Comprehensive Leadership, Communications, Teamwork, Motivation Assignment - 1

Comprehensive Leadership, Communications, Teamwork, Motivation - Assignment Example The Company should operate with a high degree of communication and good cultural practice for proper operations of its activities. The company defines culture as the ability to know what one is supposed to do without referring from the manual. The team members of the Wells Fargo are expected to know the policies of the enterprise all the time. Wells Fargo’s success is based on the attitude of the workers deeply in their hearts. The company members have caring and enthusiasm characters that enable them to perform extraordinary tasks (Wells Fargo & Co., 2008). The workers serves the customers with consideration whether they were the one who are served would they be okay with the service. The Wells Fargo’s works connect emotionally with the customers all the time when they are serving them. The company does not embrace the hierarchy form of communication but a circle where the customers are at the centre. The customers are surrounded by the then members and farther out of the circle are the leaders of the Company. Wells Fargo customers expect to find the One Wells Fargo always when they visit the com pany where the works are first imagining themselves as the customers. In Wells Fargo, there are some barriers of communication that arises which affects the proper performance of the company. These obstacles include language barriers where some workers who are not proficient enough in the language of the customers pose a challenge to the functioning of the enterprise activities. There are psychological barriers that influence the message received, sent or perceived. For instance, when one of the workers is experiencing stress may tend to be preoccupied with the individual concerns and fail to get the actual meaning of the message. The other barrier to communication that affects the Wells Fargo company is the attitudinal barrier that prevents the workers from communicating freely and efficiently. There are various ways of overcoming these

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