Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ip1 personnel and organization policy Research Paper

Ip1 personnel and organization policy - Research Paper Example However, the tests are based according to the position up for recruitment and the type of responsibilities involved by taking up the position. However, Huffcut (2010) argues that interviews are compulsory inclusions of the tests since the give the candidate and the recruiter an opportunity to have a more indulging conversation and it makes recruitment easier and effective. In an existing organization, HR mangers are tasked with the responsibility of evaluating whether a position would be effectively filled with an external or internal candidate. An external candidate has an added advantage since they would bring new working experience in an organization. However, an external selection raises the question of the ability of the personnel to adapt to the new organizational culture (Muchinsky, 2012). An internal selection is appropriate since an organization would be able to retain an inbuilt experience and one that understands the existing organizational culture. This would however limit the rate of exposure an organization benefits from in terms of experience and new working criteria (Huffcut,

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