Wednesday, September 4, 2019

How does Chaucer present love in The Miller’s Tale Essay -- English Li

How does Chaucer present love in The Miller’s Tale In ‘The Miller’s Tale’ there are three different types of ‘love’ that Chaucer presents, and he also presents them in different ways, but manages to convey the emotions had by the character whilst entertaining the reader adding to the fabliau essence of the tale. The relationship between John and Alison is presented in an interesting way. The ‘love’ that one has for the other is very different; John cares deeply for her and is very much in love with this young girl and this is shown in his intense jealousy ‘Jalous he was, and heeled hire narwe in cage’ whilst Alison’s feelings for John seem to be less dedicated. This is conveyed in her adultery, and during the first confrontation between Alison and Nicholas she does not withstand Nicholas for a very long time nor does she declare her love for John and use it as a reason for her not to commit adultery. Why she is not as committed to him is left very much up to the reader, whether it is simply because she likes Nicholas or she does not love John or a combination o...

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