Sunday, September 22, 2019

Axiom Strategic Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Axiom Strategic Communications - Essay Example This strategy redefines the current situation about the hearing problem in Australia and how the Australian Hearing organization contends to deal with the ever-increasing cases in the country. The organization focuses on hearing impairment for â€Å"Children and young adults under the age 21 years, Indigenous adults over 50 and aged pensioners and Veterans affected during their working experience† (Australian Hearing 2011). The majority of active clients attended to by specialists in all the years are between the ages 0-29 and 60-99, with the latter forming the highest percentage in both male and female subjects. This gives the reason why the entity forms an integral component in solving hearing loss problem in Australia and, thus, the organization to place itself strategically to solve these problems. The figure below shows the population by percentage of active clients attending the Australian Hearing by age group. This PR strategy seeks to position the Australian Hearing in a distinguishable manner vis-a-vis competitors in the hearing products and services. Through this, the organization sets industry standards and uses the most cost-effective and best value means of accomplishing its objectives to the target publics. A number of messages will be used to communicate the intentions of the organization. These will be through communicated through interactive social media platforms, brochures, and newsletters. The messages â€Å"Together we lead the world in giving our customers with the best hearing solutions† aims at putting the mission and vision of the organization a top agenda. Through this, the organization focuses on streamlining its procedures to be customer oriented to solve the specific impairments of the customer in question. The message â€Å"Setting the standards in Hearing health and auditory research† outline to the major objective that the organization is on the threshold of achieving. This posits that the specialists and management all work towards a collective motivation (Harris & Whalen, 2006, p. 107). The individuals are expected to convert all their energies and synergies towards setting the pace in the research and hearing health services provision.

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