Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Depends on the article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Depends on the article - Essay Example A book published in 2008 focuses on the way children are able to focus after experiencing nature. It might be that the calming soothing essence of nature is what settles the mind of children with this disorder. Whatever it may be that helps it is important to incorporate that with the child’s everyday life. Sometimes our and surroundings have a way of altering ones mood and way of thinking A recent research study has proven, â€Å"nature helps children with ADHD and outperforms prescription medicine†.(Hance 2008) This proven method can highlight a new area of designing. If nature is the simple cure to this ever growing problem, there is so much that can be done to help keep nature alive outdoors and bring nature indoors. The study has results that show children with ADHD who engaged in a 20 minute or more walk in nature, were better able to concentrate on studies. What can be gained by this is simply that the surrounding of children with ADHD has a huge affect on the way they are able to learn. No research can prove the long term affects of this but it is true that a natural way to allow a child to focus and learn is always better then medication. Those involved in the study also believe that after the time, the issues associated with ADHD can be lessened. Schools can take part in this by changing the surroundings in schools. If nature affects the way children with ADHD learn, it will also have affects on children without ADHD. The benefits of bringing nature indoors are great for everyone. Children should have a peaceful environment to learn in. Too many distractions can make it hard to concentrate. When designing a school setting it is important to keep in mind that simplicity will allow the mind to relax. Certain things can be brought into the design element that are from nature. â€Å"Classrooms can have real plants and trees and flowers†. (Taylor,Kuo 2008) Other elements such as a simulated waterfall and aquariums are important. The style of the

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