Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review and critical analysis of any four articles Essay - 1

Review and critical analysis of any four articles - Essay Example Election process from the nomination, the conventions and elections has been discussed in this book. The Article of Americas Evolving Electorate by Nate Cohn This article talks of the demographic system in an electorate. This article analyses on the population target of a given candidate. The article starts by analyzing the Clinton and Bush election season. This election time the candidates targeted a given population in their campaigns trail. According to the article George W Bush targeted the Populist population, who were compassionate conservatives. Whereas Bill Clinton targeted college women, the graduates and the less religious voters. This according to the article was insufficient for Bill Clinton to conquer George Bush in the 2 election seasons. Over time the demographic targets of the Republican Party has changed, it is on an estimate of eight years basing on the article. This change has then lead to the majority win of votes by the democrats, hence the Obama Administration. The change in voter’s numbers was as a result of the shift of the new diverse young voters who joined the democrats. An Estimated increase from 23% to 25% of votes in favor of the democrats. The article also establishes the Current Presidents camp had a larger share of Non American voters this were: The African American, Hispanians and The Asian voters.The republicans were also into gaining of voters from the democrats strong holds. They shifted inwards south of the believed Democrats strong holds. But their efforts were not fruitful as the couldn’t counter the democrats gain of voters. The Author Nate Cohn goes on explaining of the Democrats gains of voters who were the white Americans from the South.The democrats targeted a given voter population of which included the young white and those that occupied the well educated sub-urbans.These shifts of demographic interests were not for a short period as it was thought to be. The shifts was a reflection of shifts of votes which was for the advantage of the democrats. They were establishing a base of votes which they could use to gain on the republican votes. The Article also focused on the turnout of voters, this was specifically the Republican Party. The focus was during the congressional and local elections. Basing on the article there was a notable reduction in the turnout of the republican voters. A critical analysis if the democratic analysis is inevitable is given in the article and how the Republican Party can adjust in a mind of compensation of the generational and demographic changes. There is an Emerging Democratic Majority, the effect of a majority democratic camp and it is predestined to be for some decades to come. The democratic majority is as a result of the gaining of Denver, Washington and Raleigh which are well educated suburbs. On analyzing of the article, for the republicans to counter the demographical gain by the democrats is by: instituting durable and ideological coalitions b efore a new social moderate generation is built. The article has been criticized on the share of white voters by the democrats; this is because the article has not pointed out the states of the survey. It has also been criticized of partisan comments. Though with the critics the article has proved to be very insightful and indeed helpful in the geographical analysis of voters in a voting season. Are we in An Electrol Realignment? By Sean Trende An electoral realignment refers to

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