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Bowlby's Viewpoint Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Bowlby's Viewpoint - Assignment Example ent studies, the author attests that healthy, happy and independent young adults and adolescents are products of stable homes in which both parents give enough time and attention to the children. He continues to put that the child’s care giver needs a lot of assistance, from the other parent, though it normally comes from the grandmother in most societies. I totally agree with Bowlby’s way of parenting, because successful parenting is a key to the mental health of the next generation. A parent-child bond is not only healthy for the childs well-being, but an essential part of what it means to be human. Attachment theory teaches three main attachment patterns; secure, avoidant and ambivalent, which are behaviors that continue into adulthood. While they explore the world, securely attached children are confident, since they used the parent as a secure base. Bowlbys work also showed that the early interactions between infant and caregiver have a significant impact on an infants social, emotional, and intellectual growth (Bowlby 1907-1990). On the other hand, an insecurely attached child is unhappy and not confident enough to explore the world. Consider a child brought up by a single mother, who is always busy and overwhelmed by activities, and has less time to spend with the child, the child obviously grows up unattached to the parents and feeling insecure at the same time. The provision of access to the parent’s body is a fundamental feature in developing secure attachment. Dependency, the child’s tie to the mother, has the effect of keeping the child in more proximity to its mother-figure. For example, attachment behavior of a child is activated mostly by pain, fatigue, fright, and the mother’s inaccessibility. Bowlby cited the description of Klaus, Trause and Kennelle (1975), on how a mother picks up and begins to stroke the baby’s face with her little finger immediately after its birth. At this time, the baby quietness and when put to her breasts, it

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