Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Question 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Question 1 - Essay Example Here the project leaders create a charter for the project, create the process high-level view, and start understanding the customer’s need of the process. This is the critical stage for the company where the leaders define their effort outline for the leadership and for themselves. In the evolution of Lean Sigma Enterprise, Mematech Pharmaceutical Company is on the early successes. At this stage, Mematech’s initial projects are in under way. Their improvements have shown crucial impacts and financials. The support from the initial team undergoes validation by other results. This is an important stage, where it is crucial for the previous successes to be publicized so that the entire organization can see the impact of the lean sigma. The technology drivers that influence the lean sigma enterprise’ evolution are Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. The advantage of the technology is to re-design the solution and offer discipline and process systemization (Taghizadegan, 2006). The changes of uncertainty and ambiguity of the potential impact of the business is replaced by the relevant and proven illustration of the problems that face the company. The organization has responded to the changes through leadership support, p eople, training, project selection, reporting, software, and financial impact. The key challenge is ensuring that the projects are through early and that the company’s financial impacts are

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