Wednesday, May 6, 2020

World of Jugs Free Essays

In North Korea citizens protested against the country authoritarian regime because over the weekend the regime seized most of the country citizens’ money via a new currency issue. This caused much violence In North Korea. The Wall Street Journal reported that that the regimes money grab could be the single most Important event In defining North Korea. We will write a custom essay sample on World of Jugs or any similar topic only for you Order Now This event Is more defining and more Important than North Koreans whole grabbing nuclear weapons program that North Korea uses for International Influence. This Issue not only raised protests In multiple Korean cities but also caused reason for the North Korean government to raise patrols on Its border with China. An Investment analyst name Mr.. Cochran said, â€Å"The biggest risk for the North’s government is if, after taking people’s money, it can’t deliver goods and services the way the unofficial market could. † The regime would be most damaged if its people learned it could not control the real price of goods. This whole new currency issue struck many acts of violence including the death of two North Korean men by the hands of police officers. The two men attempted to get the government’s limits by dividing their money among a large group of people and urging them to exchange the money for them. Another incident occurred when multiple women working in the goods and produce markets of some towns openly cursed the government knowing they would be arrested for such actions. This issue is viewed as a defining moment for North Korea. How to cite World of Jugs, Papers

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